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Yoga Glow 
Simple Practices for Healthy Living

About Yoga Glow

Yoga Glow is my private wellness community where we come together to practice all things healthy living. We learn to nourish our bodies, minds, and spirit with simple practices…one step at a time. See my membership offerings below. Try it for free for 14-days. Cancel at any time.


We go live on Wednesday, September 13 at 7 pm EST.

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Are you ready?
  • Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you?

  • Do you need a reset after a busy summer to help you step back into greater wellness?

  • Do you love yoga and other wellness practices, but have a hard time sticking to a routine?

  • Do you want to develop healthier habits?


🍏 Imagine waking up each day with great energy, a clear mind, and the confidence to tackle any challenge. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, develop healthier habits, boost immunity, or simply adopt a more balanced lifestyle, Yoga Glow’s heart-centered mission is to help. My community offers simple, effective practices, health coaching, meal-planning, weekly yoga and meditation classes, and all things healthy living.


Join our community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to improving their well-being. Together, we'll support and motivate each other on this transformational journey.

Do you want to…


  • Practice yoga and meditation but struggle to develop a consistent practice?

  • Achieve your wellness goals more quickly?

  • Nourish your body and eat healthier but have a hard time finding the inspiration or recipes that work with your schedule?

  • Ease anxiety and stress every day?

  • Start or maintain a meditation practice that helps you ease anxiety, stress or a mind that won’t seem to tame?

  • Learn natural solutions that help you manage a chronic illness?

  • Create more consistent routines?

  • Be a part of a community that is positive, supportive, and inspirational, while being free from the distractions and negativity of social media?

  • Develop and work on your own wellness goals – not follow a cookie-cut, one-size program?

  • Practice at your own pace, always honoring your skill, ability, schedule, time-restraints?


You’ll enjoy…


  • Working with Suzanne for guidance, training, and motivation.

  • Connecting with a supportive community who can offer you some accountability and inspiration.

  • Participating in a community without the distractions of Facebook or other social media.

  • A judgement-free haven that honors your goals and abilities.

Get Faster & Deeper Transformations

Home: Classes
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Image by Heather Ford
Image by Denys Nevozhai

Our Vision

Our vision at Yoga Glow is to create a community of empowered participants who prioritize their well-being and are committed to living their best life. We believe that through consistent yoga and meditation practice, along with healthy eating habits and self-care, our community can achieve the transformation they seek.

Our Story

Yoga Glow was founded by Suzanne Morgan who recognized the need for a safe and welcoming space for women to come together and prioritize their health and well-being. Suzanne has a deep passion for yoga, meditation, and healthy living and is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

Our Community

Our community is made up of women from all walks of life who share a common goal - to prioritize their health and well-being. We welcome women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to join our community and experience the transformation that comes from consistent practice.

Here's Just a Few
of My Offerings

You create your own personal goals. Yoga Glow will help you get there. 

Image by andrew welch

Healthy Eating

I love food! And I love sharing  healthy recipes and ideas for meal-planning.

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Develop a consistent meditation practice that soothes anxiety and creates clarity. 

Image by Katherine Hanlon


Come learn how to balance the body with natural solutions with this time-honored system of health. 

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Enjoy all-levels yoga that will inspire and support you on your wellness journey. 

Image by Bruno Nascimento


Every month I'll have a new wellness challenge to keep you motivated and help you develop healthy habits. 

Wellness Coach

Health Coaching

Join Yoga Glow+ Premium and enjoy group coaching and more support from Suzanne & the Yoga Glow community.


Healthy Eating

We're all about the food! Get my healthy recipes and meal-planning inspirations

The Bhagavad Gita

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."


What if life gets in the way?

If live throws you a curve ball, you can cancel at any time or pause your membership. Work at the pace that works for you.


What if I can’t take advantage of all that you have to offer?

Don’t worry! This membership is designed to be ala carte. Choose what to engage in according to your needs, interests, and the amount of time that you can commit. Even making small changes each day will uplevel your wellness.


What if I’m not able to fully step into making positive change right now?

There’s no perfect time. If you can commit to a minimum of 20 minutes a day to improving your wellness – or 2 hours a week, you are right for this community.


What if I already know what to do?

Guess what? Many of us already know what we should be doing…it’s getting the consistency and support that will get you to the next level.


What if I don’t like practicing in a group?

  • You can practice the live yoga and meditation classes/sessions with your video/audio off.

  • You can listen to the coaching calls and take the courses at your own pace.

  • You decide how much accountability or interaction you need.

  • Studies have shown that people get much deeper and quicker transformations when engaging in a group. You’ll get better and quicker results when you use the chat features, show up and ask questions, share your struggles or results.

  • In addition, even if you never practice with me live, you’ll have access to a pre-recorded library, challenges, and courses that you can access at any time.


Is there an official start of the program?

This community / course content is evergreen. You can start at any time.

Meet Suzanne - Your Guide

founder, yoga & meditation teacher, health coach,  Ayurvedic Practitioner

& former owner of Moon Meadows Farm Yoga Retreat Center 

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