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FREE Webinar to help you get back on track...
Reignite Your Wellness: A Guided Journey to Reset & Thrive

Weds, Sept. 13  7 pm EST 


Join my FREE webinar to kickstart your wellness journey. I'll help you reset your body, mind and spirit. I'll offer practical ways to recommit to your wellness - whether you are looking to manage stress/anxiety, lose weight, develop healthier habits, boost your immunity or adopt a more balanced lifestyle. Come prepared to journal and set your personal goals.


BONUS #1: When you register, you'll receive my Yoga Glow Wellness Reset Toolkit.This includes...

  • Clearing Your Life for Transformation - identify what's holding you back and visualize where you want to be.

  • 7 Ways to Uplevel Your Wellness Now - learn how to get greater consistency and achieve your goals more quickly.

  • Yoga Glow's Master Assessment Wellness Form - rate your energy, sleep, healthy eating, exercise habits, emotional health, and life satisfaction with my proprietary assessment. Use this to rate your overall wellness and to create a benchmark for moving forward.


BONUS #2 - Get a FREE 2-week trial to my Yoga Glow community where you can....

  • practice with me live

  • access my library of yoga classes and meditations

  • get health coaching with our group calls

  • receive support from the community

  • get inspired to eat more healthy including recipes and ideas for menu planning

  • plus more!


Please note that Yoga Glow goes live on Weds, Sept. 13.  If you register for the webinar, I'll send you an invitation to start your free 14-day trial on Sept. 13th. 


Be sure to register for this webinar.  It's best if you can make it live -- as showing up is the first step to success. But if life gets in the way, don't worry. If you register, you'll receive the recording and have access the the free gifts.


Tell a friend.  All are welcome!


Questions?  You can reach me at or call me at 703-626-8349. 

suzanne morgan headshot.jpg

Suzanne Morgan

founder & your guide

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, E-YRT 500

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner 

Certified Health Coach


Suzanne has a 700 hr. yoga teacher certification and has been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years. She is registered as an E-YRT-500 with Yoga Alliance, as an advanced teacher, demonstrating that she has taught over 4,000 classes as a yoga teacher. She is also a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and certified Health Coach. 

She is the former owner of Moon Meadows Farm Retreat Center. Suzanne is the author of the yoga book, Hasta Mudras for Health & Healing and the cookbook, Simple Healthy Comfort Food. 

"I teach yoga and Ayurveda's simple, elegant, effective tools to help people find some space in their life. Yoga & Ayurveda can truly help you find more time for the things that are important to you and help you live an authentic life. My classes, workshops and resources will help you reconnect with your body, tame your mind and let your spirit soar. These are practical solutions to help those who suffer from illness and pain, stress or a mind that won’t seem to quiet. It’s a passionate playground where awareness, inspired action and wellness skip hand-in-hand. Come and join me on the playground. You’ll laugh – I promise." - Suzanne Morgan

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